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Universal aluminum helmet holder for your AirPods Max


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This universal headphone holder will fit your AirPods Max perfectly. Made of aluminum, TPU and ABS, it will allow you to store your headphones with a simple gesture. Thanks to its large square base, it will support all types of headphones, including your AirPods Max. Available in two colors: bench and black, this universal headphone stand will be a rewarding addition to your workspace setup.

Why choose a universal headphone stand for your AirPods Max?
Most headphones come with covers or cases for storage. These accessories are useful when transporting, but they are far from practical when using the headphones on a daily basis. Instead of wasting precious seconds every time you want to use your AirPods Max, why not make use of a headphone stand?
Ergonomic, space-saving and sturdy, this universal stand will keep your headphones in place with ease. Its design ensures that helmets can hang naturally, without causing wear and tear to the headband or foam; and without causing scratches to its surface.

What are the advantages of this universal headphone stand for AIrPods Max?
This stand is tall enough to fit most modern headphones. Whether it’s gaming headphones, professional studio headphones, or your AirPods Max, it can handle the load from the top of its 22 cm. The 10.5 cm square base also ensures stability.
All in all, this universal headphone stand will save you space. Get rid of the clutter on your desk. Save time by storing your AirPods Max more easily. Most importantly, keep your headphones within reach without having to take them out or put them away from their cases every time.

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