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Protecting casing with a marble finishing touch for your AirPods


Apple’s technological devices are one of a kind and are the delight of its customers. It is the case with AirPods earphones which are a real technological jewel, but the reduction in size of the components could make these objects sensitive to environmental variations.

Why is it important to protect your AirPods?

This fragility can be compensated by using a casing or a protective cover which will cover your AirPods and ensure its proper functioning on the long run.

It could seem superficial to add an extra accessory to your Apple earphones, but it is most importantly a good way of taking care of your device by adding an essential comfort for your ears.

In fact, despite the high technicity of your AirPods earphones, they are not safe from little malfunctioning caused by water jets, unexpected shocks, pressure exerted by other objects during your moves, etc.

To effectively fight against these damaging threats, use a protective casing specially designed for your Apple earphones.

What are the technical characteristics of the AirPods protective casing?

The protective casing is designed to hold your Apple earphones, the latter perfectly fit in the holster which is dedicated to them.

The conception of this casing is moulded with precision and perfectly matches your earphones dimensions.

So, your AirPods are at the same time protected against external attacks and has a better ergonomics thanks to this holster which eases your daily use. The easy access to the charger is also very enjoyable.

The user will be more sensitive to aesthetics of this beautiful holster with marble finishing touch. This coating is perfect if you wish to place your casing on a piece of furniture in the living room, on a nightstand or a shelf.

Very classy, this casing ensures an optimal and long-lasting protection.

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