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Ultra fast charging power adapter compatible for MagSafe for your iPhone / Ipad / AirPods


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Chargeur portable 2 en 1 pour votre Apple Watch en combinaison avec votre iPhone, votre iPad ou même vos AirPods


The resources of our mobile devices are always more solicited and can quickly deplete the battery. If you use several power-hungry applications on your iPhone or iPad, a few hours can be enough to completely discharge your device. Why is using a second USB-C charger a good idea? To counter this recurring problem that can cause you some inconvenience while you’re on the go, at work, abroad or on vacation, it’s possible to acquire a lightweight and easy-to-use charging device. If you have a charging cable and a module to recharge your iPhone or iPad, a simple plug is enough and in just one hour you can fill up your batteries. However, be careful not to choose a lambda smartphone charger and be careful of bad products. Apple is concerned about the comfort of its customers, that’s why it is highly recommended to acquire a charging cable specially designed for the iPhone, iPad or AirPods. Before making your choice, you should check the compatibility of your smartphone with the charger you want. What are the characteristics of the charging adapter for your iPhone, iPad and AirdPods? The USB C charger adapter features the type-c port with 3.0 power delivery, providing an output of Max 18W- 5V/3A, 9V/2A, voltage and current 12V/1.5A. Thus it can achieve high-speed charging. This wall adapter is perfectly suitable for Apple brand devices and is suitable for all Apple models. Indeed, with this wall charging cable you can charge all the different models of Iphone, ipad, Airpods… Benefit from a high-speed cable that charges your phone quickly and in the best possible conditions, without the risk of overvoltage, short circuit or high temperature problems. The length of the USB cable is 1 meter, which gives you the possibility to connect the charger to a wall outlet while placing your device on a nearby table. The charging cable is sold separately

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