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Protective cover for your Apple Watch

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Apple offers its customers a wide range of connected objects that are real technological jewels. The Apple Watch is one of those high-performance devices that we like to wear every day.

Why should you use a protective shell for your Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is designed to accompany you everywhere in your life and it would be wise for you to do everything possible to protect it from blows, shocks, scratches and other unfortunate disappointments.

The beauty and technological finesse of the Apple Watch is unparalleled, but the mechanisms that support this technology are also extremely delicate. That is why you must choose the best one to protect your watch from possible blows from the outside world.

It can be difficult to find the right protective shell for your Apple Watch box, on the Internet you will find everything and sometimes even the worst.

Most of the time, the shells for Apple Watch are not strong enough and break at the first hit. Poor protective materials can also cause scratches or scrapes that are not at all aesthetic.

For your Apple Watch, you need to buy the best in protection.

What are the technical characteristics of the Apple Watch protective shell?

The protective shell is compatible with the Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, 3, 4 and 5 series. Whether your watch has dimensions of 38-40 mm or 44-42 mm, the case covers your watch with a thin protective layer.

The hull is made of reliable materials and is very well known for its protection and hermetic insulation. The polyurethane and silicone that cover your Apple Watch guarantee a longer life than if you had not protected it.

The watch dial is protected by the scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and anti-trace properties of the polyurethane shell.

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