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AirPods headphones are of incomparable technological finesse and the sound quality they deliver is of such high quality that it would be a pity to damage them after a fall or a bad move.

Why do you need to use a protective shell for your AirPods?

If you are a fan of the Apple brand and its devices, which are true technological jewels, you know that most of them are waterproof and can be immersed in a liquid without suffering any damage.
So, if you forget your AirPods in a garment pocket and they end up in a washing machine, you can get your headphones back in perfect working order. AirPods are very well sealed, but the materials used are not indestructible and, like any device, they are sensitive to violent shocks and excessive vibrations.
Unfortunately, if your AirPods break, it is very difficult or even impossible to repair them. The electronic components that make up your headphones are so thin and difficult to assemble that you would need highly sophisticated tools to repair your AirPods. To avoid buying another pair of headphones, it is best to use a protective shell for your AirPods.

What are the shell characteristics for AidPods?

The protective shell is specially designed for Apple brand headphones and is made of durable materials that are resistant to impact, scratches and water splashes.
Stowed in this waterproof and robust case, your AirPods are totally secure and can be carried everywhere with you without the slightest worry. With this protective shell, you considerably increase the life of your headphones. But this shell is not only reliable, it is also a real fashion accessory that dresses your headphones with a top-of-the-range design.
Ergonomic and instinctive, to insert your AirPods into the case, simply remove the cap at the top of the shell. A notch to pass the charger cable is also available.
The shell is available in several colours: black, silver, pink or gold.

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