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The computer mouse is an essential accessory to comfortably use your computer, be it a desktop or a laptop. The little ingenious tool has been in existence for more than fifty years and requires an ergonomic mousepad to be used.

Truly, the mousepad is not completely indispensable because technically, one can do without it if they have a smooth table or aa adequate stand for the device’s movements.

But using a mousepad offers a lot of advantages and provides high comfort to its user. There are different types of mousepads, among which the Double-sided aluminium pad which is more and more praised by the users.

Why a mousepad improves the use of a computer?

In the past, computer users used rolling mice, with a rolling ball below the device. Moving the mouse was then difficult but the mouse could be used almost on any surface because it was coarser but less sensitive to the supporting surface.

With the coming of optical mice, mousepad have gained a very important function because they create a limited smooth area which eases continuous and fast moving of the mouse. So, the daily use of mousepad provides comfort and stability when using your computer.

What are the technical characteristics of the double-sided mousepad?

The mousepad is circular in shape and made of aluminium, providing a smooth surface, a perfect adhesion and an optimal non-slip effect.

This mousepad is top notch ergonomic and efficiency because it is double-sided, meaning it could be used on both sides. Very light with a 200 mm diameter, it can be easily carried along and used on any type of surface.

Two colours are available: Black or Silver.

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