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Fully adjustable stand made of aluminium alloy for your MacBook


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If you need to keep your MacBook in a specific position, know that there exist specially designed accessories for laptops which will improve your comfort.

Why is the use of a MacBook stand recommended?

More and more people use their computer daily and that could lead to physical pains due to a bad posture, an intensive use of the arms, wrists and hands.

To relieve the posture and change your work or fun area, you just need to optimise your laptop by adding the adequate material means. The use of an adjustable stand provides additional comfort et allows you to adjust your MacBook screen to the best eye level.

If you enjoy watching movies or videos on your laptop, this adjustable aluminium stand is just what you need, because it adjusts itself to your body shape and posture

What are the technical characteristics of the MacBook Stand?

This support has an adjustable height and allows a smooth and accurate rotation in order to find a perfectly adequate angle for your use. The angle is adjustable to 90°, for a height which can go from 42mm to 202mm.

The users of this laptop stand can also trust in the reliability of the materials used. The frames of this stand are made up of aluminium and perfectly resist to your MacBook weight.

Strong and reliable, the 90° angle adjustment is supported by an effective pivot that eases the rotational movements of the stand. The base that holds the laptop is made of a rubber coating, increasing the grip and stability of your laptop.

The device can support a maximum of 5 kg.

Succumb to the temptation that comes from this reliable, strong and very easy to use stand to adjust your MacBook to the way you use it daily.

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