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Case and full protective cover for your MacBook


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Undoubtedly, laptops are more and more sophisticated devices which generally contains high-performance technological features but also very sensitive to environmental variations.

Why use a protective holster for your computer?

We use laptops everywhere and in every situations of our daily lives, which significantly increases the risk of having it fall or suffer inadequate shocks.

To avoid this kind of inconveniences that could permanently damage your MacBook, it is highly recommended to acquire protective accessories to enable your laptop to face this kind of situations.

A holster and a full protective cover are effective solutions designed to perfectly match with your MacBook. The holster has the role of fully covering your laptop and all the sensitive parts which can easily be damaged during a fall.

The protective covers are in all shapes and sizes, some are made of specific materials, plastic, carbon, tempered glass or Aluminium. The most important being, using a protective accessory perfectly matching with the dimensions of your laptop.

What are the characteristics of the MacBook cover?

This holster, specially designed for your MacBook laptop is simple and delicate, It is available in two different colours: matte black or matte pink. The cover provides an optimal protection on the upper and rear parts in order to perfectly suit your computer.

The setting up of the holster is made easy by its well thought ergonomics, you just need to place the cover on the surfaces you wish to protect. It also has a light weight, between 200 g and 330 g, so as not to significantly increase your laptop’s weight.

The holster is waterproof and stops all kinds of humidity. With this protective coating, your computer is perfectly protected from external threats.

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