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MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Station Holder in Silicone for your iPhone


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Treat yourself to a magnetic wireless charging station for your Apple smartphone that is out of the ordinary! This MagSafe iPhone charging station will act as both a display and a stand for your phone. Simplify your life with this stand that holds your MagSafe device for a simplified charging process.

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Treat yourself to this wireless iPhone charging cradle to transform your daily habits and rituals. By slipping your MagSafe device into it, you’ll simply place your cell phone against this charging stand to systematically benefit from an induction charge and an ergonomic display.
Placed on your bedside table, on your workspace or anywhere else, it allows you to gain functionality while enjoying a sleek aesthetic. This accessory will serve as a designer base for your original 55.7mm diameter MagSafe iPhone charger. Make good use of it and you will always be guaranteed to find your mobiles fully charged when you wake up.

Features of this MagSafe wireless charging station for iPhone
As a stand, this accessory guarantees an optimal viewing angle. Make it a must-have for your bedside table to access your cell phone when you wake up without having to walk around. Also, as a charging station, you can slip your MagSafe device in to charge your devices comfortably. A simple gesture will be enough to be sure that your mobile is in charge.
Note that this magnetic iPhone holder and charging station is available in white, black, blue and pink. It is designed to accommodate the original Apple MagSafe charger of 55.7 mm in diameter and is made of semi-rigid silicone. This ensures that it is stable and feels great.

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